The pathway to becoming an accredited MBT practitioner or supervisor is outlined here. This structured pathway begins with MBT basic training followed by implementation of mentalizing principles in clinical practice. MBT practitioner training follows this period of clinical implementation which is then followed with MBT supervision by an MBT Accredited supervisor.

MBT supervision differs from some other models of supervision and has a unique style that promotes mentalizing in the clinician. MBT supervisors are required to have a depth of both applied and theoretical knowledge of mentalizing.

They have been supervised by accredited MBT supervisors on a regular basis, during which they have presented their own work as both MBT practitioners and as MBT supervisors via video to the group for discussion and for scrutiny as to adherence to the MBT model. They have participated as role play supervisors in basic and practitioner training courses.

Essential criteria to become an accredited MBT practitioner are outlined in detail on pages 65 and 66 of the Quality Manual for MBT. See link below to the Anna Freud Centre website.

Accredited supervisors who reside in Australia are listed below.

Margie Stuchbery |

Michael Daubney |

A/Prof Lynn Priddis |

Matt Ruggiero |

Celeste Benetti

Julian Nesci (Spectrum Victoria)

Andrew Mottram (Spectrum Victoria)